Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Timeline App Reviews

Timeline App Reviews
by Dina Dupre

Dina Dupre wanted to find an App to incorporate into her Developmental Psychology course.  I believe her thoughts and reviews of a couple of Apps could be beneficial to many different programs, whether in the soft or hard sciences, in business or legal, or any other program because timelines can help to put things in a new perspective for students.  I encourage you to continue reading to see what Dina has to say.

"I found a great app for free that can be used in Developmental Psychology in Unit 1 where there is a timeline assignment.  The app is called Before Now and you can make your timeline on it.  Something fun for the iPad.

I tried it out and it is a pretty nice system.  You can very easily go years back and add an entry.  It has a nice look to it as well.

I tried a different app and it was not effective (Everyday Me).  Everyday Me is not able to easily add events to the past.  It is more for journaling the present or very recent past.  It is kind of boring and it doesn't look interesting or engaging.  However, there is another assignment that requires tracking sleep, exercise, and eating, and Everyday Me might be a good app for this assignment!

I played around with both of these.  Before now is fun for creating a time line.  Everyday Me is fun for journaling present-day activities."

Check out these Apps for yourself and let us know what you think!

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  1. Hi Dina, Thank you for finding these apps and passing along the information about them. I tried out the Before Now app, and it is fun to use. It lets you add pictures. The issue I ran into was in downloading the timeline; I was not able to have it download the pictures I had put in it. Did you find a way to get the pictures to download as well for sharing in a discussion forum?
    Thank you,